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Your Longevity Report Card


Humetrics (Human + Metrics) is a research-based, medical technology company that optimizes humans like you for exceptional health, longevity, and performance.

                                                         - Bill Brandenburg, MD

                                                            Founder of Humetrics

We believe:

- What gets measured gets monitored and acted on.

- When you optimize one human, all of society benefits.

- Where health is failing, change must occur.

- Why be ordinary when you can be exceptional and change the world.

Our product:

 Your Longevity Report Card

  • your health, longevity, and performance report card

  • determine your biological age and what might kill you

  • uncover the root causes of health problems with your longevity physician

  • monitor how your body is aging and its response to treatments

  • invest in your number one asset, yourself


About Humetrics:

            Humetrics provides comprehensive clinical testing (Your Longevity Report Card) and recommendations designed to maximize your health, longevity, and performance. The program is executed entirely by licensed medical doctors and registered nurses. Data accuracy, reproducibility, and security are paramount. The testing focuses on uncovering signs of aging and disease, traits associated with increased longevity, and risk factors for the leading causes of death. If you want to know where you stand from a longevity perspective, Humetrics is the place. If you are struggling to find answers for health problems or disease, Humetrics can help. If you want to track your health trajectory, rate of aging, or response to treatments, think Humetrics.


Our Guarantee:

            The highest value healthcare you will ever receive.

            Actionable recommendations provided at each consultation visit.

            Answers for why you may be experiencing health issues.

            Or your money back


The Process:

  • schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation by filling out the form below

  • pay in full by check and schedule your 3 visits 

  • Visit 1: 2 hours long – the Foundation

  • Visit 2: 3 hours long – the Work

  • Visit 3: 1 hour long – the Consultation (Longevity Report Card)

  • Repeat the process at regular intervals to gain deeper insights and track your health


6 hours of your time is all that is needed to obtain thousands of data points and a comprehensive picture of your overall health and longevity.


Some of the tools utilized for your Longevity Report Card

  • Liver ultrasound

  • DEXA scan

  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)

  • VO2 max testing

  • Strength, balance, and movement testing

  • Comprehensive laboratory studies

  • Metabolic testing

  • Sensory testing

  • Cognitive testing

  • EKG

  • Echocardiography

  • Carotid ultrasound

  • History and Physical Exam

  • Social history

  • Sports, travel, and exposure history

  • Detailed signs of aging inventory

  • Cutting edge longevity and aging research studies

  • And more


Join the waitlist today! (no obligation)

Price: $3,999.99

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Coming 2025

Join the Humetrics Waitlist (no obligation)

Check out the Full Scope Human Longevity Podcast and Blog for free content about geroscience (the study of aging), longevity, performance, and cutting edge research.

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